Your Ideal Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry


Your Ideal Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry
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Your ideal smile with cosmetic dentistry Cosmetic dentistry refers to the stream of dental treatment that deals with enhancing your smile by improving the alignment and appearance of teeth and gums. This treatment is generally most suitable for people who have an uneven crooked set of teeth, have chipped or broken teeth have gaps between teeth, or are just considering treatments like teeth whitening to improve their overall appearance. Melbourne based, Sunshine Dental Group has an experienced team of dental professionals able to provide a wide array of cosmetic dental surgery treatments, ranging from cleaning and scaling of teeth, fillings, crowns, bridges and porcelain veneers, to name a few. Let’s examine just a few of these, and how they can have you smiling brightly. 1. Teeth Whitening: Over time our teeth get discoloured or stained due to excessive exposure to caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and smoking. Teeth Whitening is a non-invasive, pain-free cosmetic dental procedure aimed to attain a brighter set of teeth and an ideal dazzling smile. This procedure makes use of LED lights or high-grade medical bleaching agents. There are no harmful chemicals used, thereby eliminating any risk of harm to the mouth and gums.  The results are visible almost immediately over a single session. Dental teeth whitening is much more effective and longer lasting than over the counter teeth whitening kits available at the pharmacy. 2. Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers are a painless and cost-effective way to achieve your smile makeover. This is a non-surgical option and a convenient alternative to braces and are the preferred solution to achieve the ideal smile you have always wished for. In this cosmetic dental option, a thin layer of material covers a tooth, usually to protect it from harm and decay or to improve the alignment and aesthetic of the teeth, for a whiter smile. 3. Cosmetic Bonding: For people having asymmetrical teeth or gaps between teeth, cosmetic bonding is a perfect option for concealing their dental imperfections and achieving a perfect smile. It fills in the gaps between teeth, aligns teeth that are chipped or crooked and camouflages discoloured and […]

Wisdom Tooth Extraction
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Wise words of wisdom teeth The very idea of wisdom teeth removal can seem at first to be a bit daunting. Some people choose to avoid it, and try and manage the pain, rather than having the tooth removed. But if you are in pain, or can feel your wisdom teeth coming through, here is some information to help make the decision. What is a wisdom tooth?  Also known as the third molar, wisdom teeth are the teeth at the very back of the upper and lower jaw and the last teeth to come through. This usually occurs in the late teens to early twenties and gets the term ‘wisdom’ name for this reason. The tooth comes through when the person is purportedly ‘wiser’ than they were in their childhood. What does it do?  It is believed the original purpose of a wisdom tooth was to help human ancestors grind up plant tissue, as we lacked the ability to digest cellulose. However, over time and as our jaws have become smaller, we no longer need the vestigial molar. So what’s the problem?  The issue arises with how and where the wisdom tooth comes through. Sometimes the wisdom tooth comes through at an angle, pushing into the gum or tooth beside it. Dentists call this Impaction. This can lead to several symptoms, some of which are: Crowding of the front teeth Decay in the wisdom or adjacent teeth Infection of the surrounding gum What should I do now? Consult a dentist. Sunshine Dental Group care offers you wisdom teeth removal services.  The experienced team of dental professionals will use to determine the best course of action for your oral health. If you are experiencing pain in a localised area, due to a wisdom tooth, they will give you a full assessment, and ‘empower you with all the information to make the right decision’. If you choose wisdom teeth removal, the Sunshine dentists will guide you through any associated risks relating to your individual case. What about after the extraction? Your professional dentist will talk you through the after care. But here […]

Let’s Talk Mini Implants
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Want to know more about Mini Implants. Contact Sunshine Dental Group on 03 9999 0351. We can offer a full consultation and assessment in the Western Suburbs.

Wise Words of Wisdom Teeth
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Need those painful wisdom tooth removed? Contact Sunshine Dental Group on 03 9999 0351. We are Sunshine’s preferred dental clinic for Wisdom tooth extraction.

Enhance your smile with porcelain veneers
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Enhance your smile with porcelain veneers It seems unfair that we compare ourselves to Hollywood stars. With their perfect hair, symmetrical faces, and glowing white smiles. But it is the small things that make all the difference. We often underestimate the power of our teeth. A smile is representational of us, who we are when we are -our best selves. And it is easy for us to forget that celebrities are human too, and aren’t always born that way. But the most perfect smile can be achieved using various options cosmetic dentistry provides, like porcelain veneers. Veneers are often preferred as they seamlessly blend in your natural teeth.  If you are tired of your discoloured or chipped teeth, porcelain veneers are the perfect solution for you and a great way to enhance your smile.  Here are some of the advantages of veneers. Natural Look:  Since porcelain veneers are customised for each patient, they resemble the natural teeth so well, that it is almost impossible to tell the difference. Stain Free: Porcelain veneers, unlike the natural teeth are resistant to stains from consumption of hot caffeinated beverages Long lasting: Dentist are opting for porcelain veneers as the preferred treatment increasingly as these cost effective, non time consuming and long lasting treatment option. Maintenance: Porcelain veneers are easy to maintain.  They do not require any specific dental care.  They can be very well maintained following the normal brush and floss oral hygiene routine. Below are actors and actresses who have changed their smile through cosmetic dentistry. It is amazing how feeling confident about your teeth can change the way you smile. Kirsten Dunst has come a long way, from child actor, to indie star and even enjoying summer blockbusters of Spiderman fame. Dunst certainly has plenty of reasons to smile with her new porcelain veneers. Miley Cyrus has transformed herself several times. She broke away from being Billy Ray Cyrus daughter, to make her mark as Hannah Montana, and then again, with her successful if not controversial singing career. Whether it is acting, singing or performing, Miley Cyrus bares her pearly white teeth proudly. Morgan Freeman is known for his magnificent stage […]

The Tooth hurts: Talking dental emergencies
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Dental injuries often arise as the result of an accident or fall. But it is not the only cause of dental issues. Any dental problem that requires immediate medical attention to soothe the pain, fix the injury or stop the bleeding is considered a dental emergency. It is essential that with some emergencies, seeking professional medical help within 30 minutes of injury is essential to save the tooth or teeth. Sunshine Dental Group has a team of experienced professionals offering emergency dental treatment should you ever have the misfortune of needing it.

Kids Teeth Straightening
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Nowadays parents are quite careful so far as the look and appearance of their children are concerned. Hence, if they find their son/daughter have crooked or misaligned teeth, they should book a check-up appointment at our dental clinic in Sunshine. The Kids teeth straightening process can be a bit more complicated for dentists. This is not because the kids’ treatment is complicated but because of the attention and care that children require.

Invisalign Cost
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A smiling face makes you look more attractive. Don’t you agree? However, there are people who feel embarrassed when it comes to smiling effortlessly. This is because of their overcrowded teeth structure or protruding teeth. To help those who restrict from smiling openly, dentistry has introduced Invisalign mode of treating teeth. Ask our clinic for more information about Invisalign cost.

Sleep and Sedation Dentistry in Melbourne
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Undergoing a tooth treatment can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience. As a result, some people prefer to tolerate toothache rather than seek dental assistance. To help patients get rid of the painful tooth treatment, some pain management alternatives have been introduced in dental clinics. With sedation dentistry, patients are assured of being away from any kind of painful dental process.