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Sleep Dentistry: Reducing Fear and Anxiety

Sleep Dentistry: Reducing Fear and Anxiety Most people, if they are honest, will feel a little anxious when seeing the dentist, even those who follow a good oral hygiene routine and who have regular hygiene appointments and checkups. But for others, these feelings are amplified, and some experience genuine anxiety and fear that is so deep-seated it prevents them from seeing a dentist. It is not uncommon to find people avoid...


Five Reasons Why People Love Sedation Dentistry

A common concern for our patients is that they will feel a great amount of pain when they have a consultation with their dentist. This has made many people avoid going to the dentist altogether and not get their teeth examined. Sunshine Dental Group understands that a visit to the dentist may be daunting, but don’t let that prevent you from receiving the treatment that you require.


Sedation dentistry, Which is also called Sleep Dentistry

Undergoing a tooth treatment can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience. As a result, some people prefer to tolerate toothache rather than seek dental assistance. To help patients get rid of the painful tooth treatment, some pain management alternatives have been introduced in dental clinics. With sedation dentistry, patients are assured of being away from any kind of painful dental process....