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Consider Dental Implant Cost In Melbourne With Sunshine Dental Group


Consider Dental Implant Cost In Melbourne With Sunshine Dental Group

Are you investigating dental implant cost in Melbourne? Think about the benefits that a new set of artificial teeth will afford you. Crowns, or tooth caps, are dental restorations that cover the portion of a tooth that sits above the gum line – the visible bit in your mouth.

Dental implant cost in Melbourne depends on the types of materials that are used to match or enhance someone’s natural teeth. The materials most commonly used for crowns, for instance, are various types of dental ceramics, or porcelains, which provide excellent aesthetics and are particularly used for restoration of front teeth.

Other types of crowns consist of a metal core covered with ceramic veneer. Metal-ceramic crowns provide adequate aesthetics combined with the strength and durability necessary in areas of high stress concentration, such as the molars. The metallic part is not visible below the porcelain, offering a natural look. The exclusive use of ‘noble’ gold-based alloys ensures value in terms of dental implant cost in Melbourne. The quality of the materials used generally dictates the price of the crowns and other implants used.

Dental Implant Cost in Melbourne

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking into dental implants:

– To reinforce or stabilise teeth

– To restore the shape of a tooth

– To enhance the aesthetics of a tooth

Ultimately, when weighing the pros and cons of dental implant cost in Melbourne, consider the long-term investment and how it will improve your lifestyle as well as help you to preserve other natural teeth.

Like most things, crowns do not last forever because they work under very harsh conditions, in a wet environment where they are subjected to constant stress resulting from chewing and clenching of teeth. A crown, for example, has an average lifecycle of approximately 10-15 years, which varies depending on the individual. If a crown is fractured or lost, in many cases a new crown can be made, if the supporting tooth remains in good condition.

Free Consultation with Sunshine Dental Group

A thorough examination: During this FREE initial consultation, the dentist will perform a thorough dental examination, take photographs and x-rays of your dentition and discuss the treatment options. You will be asked to have a bone scan of the relevant jaw bone prior to your second visit.

Inserting the dental implant: The dental implant is placed into the jawbone. This is performed under local anaesthetics at our surgery. Instructions for postoperative care are given. Healing time depends on bone quantity, quality, and the clinical situation.

Attaching the abutment: Once the implant has become osseo-integrated, it is uncovered and an abutment attached to it.

Fitting the crown: Your new artificial tooth (crown) is attached to the dental implant.

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