Dentistry in the digital age
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The digital revolution has influenced every profession and the field of dentistry has also experienced digital advancements over the years. These modern technologies assist dentists in providing top quality dental service to their patients and carry out a variety of dental treatments accurately.

Let’s take a look at the modern-day technology commonly used by the dentists for treatment:

Intraoral Camera

Back in the day, it wasn’t easy for a dentist to thoroughly check the dental health of a patient. With the help of an intraoral camera, they can now get clear images of the patient’s mouth. It helps them assess the general as well as specialised oral care needs of their patients and suggest the suitable treatment.


Today, dentists can use advanced designing software to improve their dental service. They can design dentures with the help of these tools as per the patient’s needs. This way, there’s a lesser risk of making any costly mistakes. Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective way of designing dentures.

CAD/CAM tools also make it easier for dentists to carry out different dental treatment procedures, including crowns, bridges, and dental implants. They can carry out the procedure with more precision and accuracy. From moulding the structure of a crown to fitting it, the entire process can be completed within a brief time period.

CAD/CAM tools are gradually gaining popularity among the dentists. It is because these digital tools enable them to satisfy the dental care needs of their patients with more precision and less efforts.

However, many dental clinic still hesitate when it comes to investing in the technology. These tools are expensive, and many dental clinics fear they cannot afford to buy and maintain the modern-day dentistry tools, which is why they have not yet become common. Furthermore, it needs proper training to use this equipment. However, this investment can benefit them in the long run.

Dental institutions have invested in digital technology

Many dental training institutes such as King’s College London Dental Institute have invested in the technology. They are training future dentists to get a grasp of these tools. Not only does it future-proof their careers, the patients will also be able to get treatment from expert dentists with the help of the modern tools they have.

Many institutes are carrying out research on how to facilitate the patients as well as dentists with the help of digital technology. This digitisation can aid the dentists in providing top quality dental service to their patients. This will promote trust among patients. Moreover, as the awareness about the technology spreads among the patients, they are likely to demand for the digitisation of dentistry clinics. This situation will benefit the dental facilities that have opted for CAD/CAM tools and other digital techniques.

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