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The Tooth Hurts: Talking Dental Emergencies

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The Tooth Hurts: Talking Dental Emergencies

Dental injuries often arise as the result of an accident or fall. But it is not the only cause of dental issues. Any dental problem that requires immediate medical attention to soothe the pain, fix the injury or stop the bleeding is considered a dental emergency. It is essential that with some emergencies, seeking professional medical help within 30 minutes of injury is essential to save the tooth or teeth. Sunshine Dental Group has a team of experienced professionals offering emergency dental treatment should you ever have the misfortune of needing it.

Examples of dental emergencies include

Tooth knocked out due to accident

A knocked out tooth can be reinserted back by the dentist if the patient follows emergency procedures and resorts to professional dentist assistance in a timely manner. These include either holding the tooth by the crown or inserting it back into the mouth where it fell out. If it is inserted back into the mouth, try to keep it in place and level with the other teeth by biting on gauze.

Loose Tooth

A loose tooth should not be ignored. It can disturb the alignment of its adjacent teeth and can cause pain. Immediate dental assistance should be sought in this case where the dentist can assess and determine what needs to be done.

Fractured and Chipped Tooth

Depending on the seriousness of the damage, a dentist may be able to assist with fractured teeth if treatment is sought immediately. If there is severe pain the dentist may perform a root canal for example. However, in the case of a significant fracture, the tooth might be too damaged and need extraction.

Facial Pain

Facial pain around the teeth, jaw, mouth, gums, and wounds inside the mouth are all considered dental emergencies.

Other symptoms of dental emergencies include significant bleeding in the mouth, broken teeth, experiencing facial trauma or severe pain in jaws or swelling of mouth or around gums, and loose/hanging teeth.

If you are presenting any of these symptoms please contact Sunshine Dental Group today on (03) 9311 1056

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