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Sleep Dentistry In Melbourne To Overcome Dentophobia


Sleep Dentistry In Melbourne To Overcome Dentophobia

At Sunshine Dental Group we understand that dental visits can be an overwhelming experience that may exacerbate anxiety. Nervous thoughts, for instance, could discourage you from seeking appropriate dental treatment to improve your oral health. There is a way, however, to overcome any fears or anxieties you may have when contemplating oral health care. We offer sleep dentistry in Melbourne as a more comfortable alternative for our patients to receive dental treatment while under mild sedation. For patients who are nervous at the prospect of even relatively minor treatments, sedation can simply allow you to relax during a protracted procedure.

Are you afraid of needles? Be assured that our sedation techniques should ensure that you are not aware of the use of any needles while under our care. Sleep dentistry options in Melbourne range from mild dental sedation that can reduce patient awareness and prevent gagging to twilight sedation (also known as twilight sleep) for optimal comfort. Sedation is ideal for people who have low pain thresholds, sensitive teeth and gums, a strong gag reflex, have previously experienced dental-related trauma, find it difficult to keep their mouth open for extended period, have complex dental requirements or simply find the smell and sight of a clinic unnerving.

Sleep Dentistry in Melbourne

Our team offers a wide range of dental procedures for adults and children with sedation or general anaesthetic. Our dentists have access to state-of-the-art equipment facilitating quality care. Some of the procedures that are compatible with sedation include:

Safety first with the specialists

Sleep dentistry is administered at our purpose-built clinic in Sunshine, Melbourne, by registered anaesthetists.

Recovery from sedation treatments

When you wake up from sedation or general anaesthetic, you may not recall the procedure. How you feel post-procedure will depend on a range of factors. You will be given a personalised instruction sheet detailing important post-operative care and recovery information. We recommend that you do not drive or travel on public transport immediately after such a procedure. You should be escorted home as a precaution.

Dentistry with a family focus

Sunshine Dental Group provides the highest standards of dental health, function and aesthetics to help you retain and get maximum benefits from your teeth throughout your life. Our dentists are available to:

  • Provide excellent patient service
  • Provide a clean, safe, and caring environment
  • Advise on your personal dental needs with open, informed professionalism
  • Use modern technology to perform safe, quality based dental service
  • Respect your time by being as punctual as possible for your appointment
  • Strive to keep you positive and completely satisfied with our service

Organise Sleep Dentistry in Melbourne with Sunshine Dental Group

Get in touch with Sunshine Dental Group to determine your eligibility for sleep dentistry in Sunshine, Melbourne. Contact us today to speak with our sleep dentists.

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