Sleep Dentistry in Melbourne

Do you suffer from anxiety when you visit a dental clinic? Alternatively, you may need to be prepared for a surgery where one of the pain management options is to be asleep. Whatever the reason, some of our patients prefer to snooze their way through dental procedures, which is why we offer sleep dentistry in Melbourne.

Our dental clinic can offer patients the option of having dental treatment done whilst asleep at the convenience of our practice and not at a hospital. We work with highly trained and experienced anesthetists, making the journey simple and comfortable

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne

Sleep dentistry services are ideal for:

  • Anxious nervous patients.
  • Patients who have a phobia of needles.
  • Patients who are undergoing complex treatments like dental implants or wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Individuals who experience difficulties with local anaesthetics
  • Patients who want to get lots of dental work done quickly.
Sleep Dentistry melbourne
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Sleep dentistry is suitable for the following treatments:

What are the benefits of sleep dentistry:

  • No fear and no memory of the procedure
  • Done at the comfort of our practice
  • Multiple treatments done in a single session, saving time and money
  • No need to go to a specialist and treatment done by your local dentist
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What are the cost for sleep dentistry:

The cost of sleep dentistry in Melbourne typically ranges from $200 to $600 per hour, covering both sedation and standard procedure fees. While it may involve additional expenses, sleep dentistry offers valuable benefits, particularly for anxious patients or complex procedures. Consult your dentist to discuss your needs and find the best sedation option.

The cost of having dental treatment done under general anesthesia is broken into three cost components:

The dental treatment itself, which is paid 1 week prior. All patients would have completed an initial consultation with a dentist to then work out what treatment is required.

General anesthesia facility fee which is $850 and paid 1 week prior. If you have private health insurance and subject to your level of cover, you could claim some of this cost back.

Professional Anaesthetist Fee: This is billed by the Professional Anesthetist after the procedure and is time dependent. These fees are $700 for the first hour and then $350 for every half hour or part thereof increment thereafter. You will receive a rebate from Medicare ONLY. It is an outpatient service, so you are not eligible to claim it from private health fund. You can expect to get a rebate of approximately 20% of the Professional Anesthetist’s fees. This rebate is higher for patients with healthcare cards and increases as the fees go up, as it is percentage based.

Safety first with the experts

Sleep dentistry is administered at our purpose-built clinic in Sunshine, Melbourne, by registered anaesthetists.

Recovery from sedation treatments

When you wake up from sedation or general anaesthetic, you may not recall the procedure. How you feel post-procedure will depend on a range of factors. You will be given a personalised instruction sheet detailing important post-operative care and recovery information. We recommend that you do not drive or travel on public transport immediately after such a procedure. You should be escorted home as a precaution.

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Dentistry with a family focus

Sunshine Dental Group provides the highest standards of dental health, function and aesthetics to help you retain and get maximum benefits from your teeth throughout your life. Our dentists are available to:

  • Provide excellent patient service
  • Provide a clean, safe, and caring environment
  • Advise on your personal dental needs with open, informed professionalism
  • Use modern technology to perform safe, quality based dental service
  • Respect your time by being as punctual as possible for your appointment
  • Strive to keep you positive and completely satisfied with our service

Sedation Dentistry – Who is it for?

Patients, who ignore undergoing dental treatment because of the pain, sleep dentistry Melbourne is for them. It has been invented keeping in mind the needs of anxious patients. A toothache is not a minor issue but it becomes major gradually. Ignorance in the first few stages of the ache leads to higher risks in future. Hence, dental experts have worked on the issue and introduced the sedation dentistry for patients.

Sleep dentistry Melbourne is also ideal for those who need to go through complex tooth treatments. This involves various injections and different processes in series. With sedation dentistry, it becomes easier for patients to bear the complexities of surgeries. Those who suffer from side effects because of local anesthesia.

Sedation Dentistry – How it works?

Sleep dentistry Melbourne allows patients to take a nap and enter an unconscious state where they don’t feel the pain involved in the dental treatment. You may not find sedation dentistry option everywhere but there are multiple dental clinics spread all across Melbourne to make toothache treatment a better experience for patients. The sleep dentistry treatment is widely available for patients who desire to undergo dental implantation, root canal treatment, wisdom tooth removal, and multiple fillings.

Though adult patients are capable enough to bear the toothache treatment pain, patients who are young try to avoid the pain. In fact, they restrict from informing their parents about the same. The only reason behind keeping the toothache secret is the fear of the treatment pain. If your child is not ready for the treatment, you can inform them about sedation dentistry. You will observe that your child immediately gets ready to undergo the dental procedure.

If you have been ignoring your toothache for long, sleep dentistry Melbourne will surely change your mind. One injection will take you to an unconscious world and help you sleep until the treatment is over. When you open your eyes, you would already have undergone the treatment.

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Sleep Dentistry Melbourne

Sleep Dentistry Procedure

Sleep dentistry procedures typically involve the administration of general anaesthesia for patients who are in good health. A registered specialist anaesthetist administers the anaesthesia through a small plastic tube connected to a needle in the arm or hand. The anaesthetist oversees the administration of appropriate medications and monitors the patient throughout the procedure.

Inhalation sedation is offered as an alternative or adjunct to general anaesthesia, particularly for patients who experience anxiety related to needles. We aim to provide the most suitable solution to meet each patient’s needs, ensuring a comfortable and anxiety-free environment during dental procedures.

What is Dental Phobia?

Dental phobia is the excessive fear of dental treatments. This situation is usually a result of a prior traumatic dental experience. Though dental phobia is difficult to overcome, the dentists at Sunshine Dental Group help you feel relaxed and comfortable with sleep dentistry.

If you have dental phobia, sedation and sleep dentistry Melbourne help you build trust and confidence with your dentist. We assist you throughout the journey and give you a healthy and shiny smile.

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Some Helpful Tips

You can gain the excellent experience of undergoing sleep dentistry with these helpful tips.

  • Injections should not be hurtful if given by the professional patiently. You should book a consultation before booking a procedure. This will give you a chance to discuss your concerns and queries with the dentist about the procedure. It will also help in building trust.
  • It is beneficial to look into dental anxiety medication. Even a slight oral sedative can relax you before starting a procedure.
  • Always keep in mind that a professional sleep dentist Melbourne has great experience in dealing with most phobic patients.

Who Should Choose Sleep Dentistry ?

Never allow any kind of fear to impact your health. The sleep dentistry near me service is suitable for patients:

  • who experience anxiety during the visit to the dentist
  • who have bad dental experience in the past
  • who have a fear of dental tools and procedures
  • who have difficulty in reaching to numbness state
  • who have sensitive teeth during regular cleaning
  • who want various dental treatments in a short time
  • who do not like noises or smells associated with dental care
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Advantages of Sleep Dentistry

Some of the major advantages of sleep dentistry are:

  • It relaxes your whole body during the dental procedure.
  • It makes you feel like the dental procedure has ended much quicker and smoother.
  • You experience little or no pain or discomfort during or after the procedure.
  • It makes you capable of going through a complex dental procedure without fear or anxiety.
  • You experience a sense of relaxation instead of anxiety or a panic attack due to the dental treatments.
  • Sedation is more affordable than general anaesthesia.


Sleep dentistry, also known as sedative dentistry, is a process of making phobic dental patients feels relaxed and anxiety-free. It helps to deal with dental phobia and perform dental treatments to achieve healthy teeth and gums.
Yes, sleep dentistry is completely safe when performed by an experienced dentist. Patients who are obese or dealing with obstructive sleep apnea should talk to the doctor before undergoing sedative dentistry.>
Sleep dentistry is like having a moderate level of sedation and making you technically awake. In some cases, patients experience insensitivity to pain without losing consciousness.
It is a stage between when you are awake with no sedation and get out of the general anaesthetic situation. The patient can perform simple tasks, such as opening and closing the mouth, to assist the dentist.
No, sleep dentistry is not free at all. It is so because insurance companies do not consider sedation for coverage.
No, bupa does not cover sleep dentistry. But, it covers 60-100% of most dental services.
No, sleep dentistry is not covered by insurance. General anaesthesia may be covered under your insurance plan. So, you should check with your insurance company before finalising anything.
At Sunshine Dental Group, we use sedation to make our patients feel relaxed throughout the dental procedure. In some cases, we use laughing gas or nitrous oxide to put a patient to sleep. We ensure that the entire process is completely safe.
No, sleep dentistry is an affordable dental option. The cost of sleep dentistry depends on the type of sedative that will be given to you for the procedure. Generally, sedatives are not expensive.

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