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Sleep Dentist Melbourne

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Sleep Dentistry in Melbourne

Do you suffer from anxiety when you visit a dental clinic? Alternatively, you may need to be prepared for a surgery where one of the pain management options is to be asleep. Whatever the reason, some of our patients prefer to snooze their way through dental procedures, which is why we offer sleep dentistry in Melbourne.

Our dental clinic can offer patients the option of having dental treatment done whilst asleep at the convenience of our practice and not at a hospital. We work with highly trained specialized anesthetist making the journey simple and comfortable.

Sleep dentistry services are ideal for:

  • Anxious nervous patients
  • Phobia of needles
  • Complex treatments such as dental implant, wisdom tooth removal.
  • Individuals who experience difficulties with local anaesthetics
  • Patients who want lots of dental work done in a short time

Sleep dentistry is suitable for the following treatments:

What are the benefits of sleep dentistry:

  • No fear and no memory of the procedure
  • Done at the comfort of our practice
  • Multiple treatments done in a single session, saving time and money
  • No need to go to a specialist and treatment done by your local dentist

What are the cost for sleep dentistry:

The cost of having dental treatment done under general anesthesia is broken into three cost components:

  1. The dental treatment itself, which is paid 1 week prior. All patients would have completed an initial consultation with a dentist to then work out what treatment is required.
  2. General anesthesia facility fee which is $850 and paid 1 week prior. If you have private health insurance and subject to your level of cover, you could claim some of this cost back.

    For those 2 item codes, the costs are:

      • Item code 942 is $350
      • Item code 949 is $500
  3. Specialist Anaesthetist Fee: This is billed by the Specialist Anesthetist after the procedure and is time dependent.  These fees are $700 for the first hour and then $350 for every half hour or part thereof increment thereafter.   You will receive a rebate from Medicare ONLY.   It is an outpatient service, so you are not eligible to claim it from private health fund. You can expect to get a rebate of approximately 20% of the Specialist Anesthetist’s fees. This rebate is higher for patients with healthcare cards and increases as the fees go up, as it is percentage based.

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