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Are you proactive about managing your own oral health? Did you know that your lifestyle is a major contributing factor to your physical and mental condition? Ideally, if you care about your physical and mental state, you should be doing everything you can to ensure that you are fit and able to combat illness and disease.

If you need help staying on track with the best practices to maintain a healthy smile, consider what our dentists in Sunshine have to say on the matter. For a more thorough assessment and personalised advice, schedule a check-up appointment with the team at Sunshine Dental Group.

Diet Balance

You’ve heard the cliché ‘you are what you eat’, surely? While we do not take this turn of phrase literally, there is merit in its interpretation. What are you consuming day and night? Are you skipping meals, over-indulging in sweets and neglecting your vegetables? Generally speaking, everything in moderation should be the way to go. By going too hard on caffeinated soda drinks and eating all the sweets, you not only risk stomach and bowel troubles but you also run the risk of hurting your gums, teeth, and mouth.

Too much sugar and acid can not only wear your teeth and gums but can also cause cavities and aggravate open cuts and sores. Moderate what you consume on a day-to-day basis, even write down everything that you are shovelling down your throat. Sometimes you will surprise yourself at how much you do and do not eat and drink. By acknowledging your food and beverage consumption, you can adjust your own diet accordingly. If you think you need guidance, consult with a general practitioner, a dietician, or even a dentist in Sunshine.

Water is good for you

Your mouth naturally moisturises itself thanks to your saliva glands. After certain surgeries, such as a wisdom tooth extraction, many patients experience ‘dry mouth’. Under these circumstances, albeit lasting a couple of days at the most, you can be susceptible to plaque and tooth decay if you are not on top of your oral health regimen. By drinking plenty of water, especially while eating, you can wash away a lot of food matter that might cling to the enamel and the gaps in and around your teeth. For a more thorough scale and clean, we recommend that you make a time with one of our dentists in Sunshine for a check-up.

Are you stressed?

Working long hours in and out of the office? Flat chat with obligations at home? Need some time out? Stress can cause all kinds of mayhem for the body. In terms of teeth, many of our patients who visit the Sunshine Dental Group clinic grind their teeth, sometimes in their sleep. One of the causes for grinding teeth is stress. If you can identify the things that stress you out in a day, think about the ways that you can de-stress. A conversation with our dentist in Sunshine could help you resolve your oral health and personal concerns.

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