Cosmetic Surgery

There are several cosmetic dental work options to choose from when it comes to improving your smile. The popularity of cosmetic dentistry is growing, and more and more people are choosing various cosmetic treatments to achieve their dream smile. If you, too, are keen on having cosmetic work done on your smile, you got to understand the various options available to make the right choice. Here’s a guide to the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry available today for you to achieve a beautiful smile. 

  1. Teeth Whitening

If you have dull, discoloured or stained teeth, you may benefit from a cosmetic teeth whitening procedure known as teeth bleaching. Though this treatment is ideal for those with dulled teeth, they aren’t meant for people with damaged teeth. In addition, many at-home teeth whitening kits are available to use on your own to whiten your teeth. Though these at-home kits are effective, they don’t get you the results that professional teeth whitening treatments by your local cosmetic dentist can offer.  


  1. Dental Veneers 

Dental veneers are wafer-thin shells created using porcelain or composite material to cover the imperfections of the teeth. They’re customised and placed on the front of the teeth and are an ideal cosmetic treatment for covering slightly crooked teeth, discoloured teeth, chipped teeth, or gapped teeth. 

  1. Dental Implants

Dental implants are metal devices used to replace missing teeth. People may lose their teeth due to aging, injury, or cavity. No matter what your reason for tooth loss is, you may use these devices to replace missing teeth and regain your beautiful smile.  

Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone in the space where the tooth is missing. Made of titanium, dental implants fuse easily with the bone and form a sturdy base for the placement of an artificial tooth. Dental implants serve as tooth roots that can anchor crowns, bridges, or dentures easily. 

  1. Dental Crowns

Crowns are an alternative to dental veneers. They, too, are a solution for covering cracked, chipped, stained, and decayed teeth. Dental crowns, also referred to as caps, are custom-made to fit perfectly over a whole tooth. Made out of acrylic or porcelain, dental crowns can withstand the strongest of pressure and, at the same time, offer a natural feel to the wearer.  

  1. Teeth Shaping

Teeth reshaping is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that allows easy alteration of uneven, chipped or misaligned teeth. One of the most inexpensive treatments, this procedure is ideal to be applied to your front teeth to improve their appearance. Your dentist will reshape your teeth by removing a small amount of enamel to alter the tooth’s shape, length or surface. In certain circumstances, teeth shaping is used as an alternative to traditional braces to reshape overlapping teeth. 

  1. Bonding 

Bonding is a dental cosmetic treatment involving adding resin to the edges of the teeth to give them a straighter look. Bonding too is one of the easiest and most inexpensive cosmetic dental procedures. The composite resin used in bonding is shaped and polished by your dentist to match the neighbouring teeth. In most cases, bonding is used to improve the appearance of a stained or chipped tooth. Bonding also helps close spaces between your teeth and makes teeth look longer and even. 

  1. Laser Gum Contouring

Every person’s gumlines are different. Some have a high gumline, some have a low gum line, and some have an uneven gumline. If you are conscious about your gum line, you will be happy to know about this cosmetic treatment known as gum contouring. Gum contouring allows the reshaping of your gumline to help you achieve an attractive smile. The procedure for this cosmetic treatment can be done in a single visit. First, your cosmetic dentist will give you local anaesthesia to numb your gums. They will then use a soft tissue laser to remove the extra gum tissue and re-sculpt your gumline to expose more of the tooth. In case of receding gums, your dentist will add gum tissue to them by removing tissue from other parts of your mouth. A surgery will secure this tissue around your teeth, thus lengthening and restructuring your gumline. 

Which Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment To Choose?

The answer to this question is dependent on your expectations from your smile. If you have crooked or discoloured teeth, you must go for a cosmetic dentistry treatment like dental veneers. However, if you have one or missing teeth in the front, you must choose dental implants to get natural-looking artificial teeth.  

Speak to us and tell us what you want to change in your smile. We promise to offer the most suitable cosmetic treatment based on your needs. Feel free to call us on (03) 9133 8657 or drop an email at [email protected].


Which is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure?

Many cosmetic dental procedures help improve the appearance of your teeth. Out of all the methods available today, teeth whitening or bleaching is the most popular choice. The reason behind the popularity of this treatment is the ease of access and low cost. Most dentists in your neighbourhood can safely perform teeth whitening procedures. Also, anyone can carry out teeth whitening at home using the at-home kits available on the market. This cosmetic dental procedure is an attractive option for those wanting to improve their smile without undergoing an invasive treatment. 

What is considered cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental work that enhances the appearance of your teeth, gums or bite. Cosmetic dentistry treatments aim to offer a beautiful smile to the patient by focusing on fixing issues with your teeth’ colour, position, shape, size, and alignment. No matter your concern with your smile, there are various cosmetic dentistry treatments to help you achieve your dream smile. Right from fixing discolouration teeth issues to crooked or gapped teeth issues, cosmetic dentistry is capable of addressing all aesthetic problems with your smile.  

What are the types of veneers? Which one should I choose? 

There are 3 types of dental veneers to choose from porcelain, ceramic, and composite. Porcelain veneers are ideal for patients who want to make minor dental alterations. They are natural looking and durable. However, they are an expensive option. Ceramic veneers, too, are a durable and natural-looking option. However, these veneers require extra time to be created. Also, they lead to temporary sensitivity of the teeth post application. This may settle on its own after a few days. The third type, composite veneers, is the most cost-effective option. These veneers can be placed on your teeth in just one visit as they demand less tooth preparation than other veneers.



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