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One of the most common experiences for our patients post wisdom teeth removal in Sunshine is having to deal with dry mouth. Our out-patients having undergone an extraction are typically recovering from surgery. A side-effect of the medication that we typically administer for pain relief and for general anaesthetic can cause saliva glands to slow down and not keep a patient’s mouth wet or moisturised properly.

Dry mouth is a temporary symptom to endure, but it can be unpleasant for some, and it can also take some patients a little longer for their saliva glands to return to normal. You might ask: Why put someone through ‘dry mouth’? Well, at Sunshine Dental Group, our dentists have said that saliva can interfere with the wisdom teeth removal procedure. Before filling a cavity or engaging in an extraction, the dentist would need to prepare the area for local anaesthetic by drying it with air from an instrument or use cotton to absorb fluid. During this process, a dental hygienist or another dentist would assist by sucking moisture away with their tool. It is the protracted process that can leave your mouth dry for a long period of time, which is not normal for the average mouth. After the treatment, you will notice that your mouth is particularly dry.

Long-term dry mouth and what to do

Has it been days since your wisdom teeth removal at our clinic in Sunshine and you are still experiencing the effects of dry mouth? Sometimes dry mouth can endure. If you are concerned about your own saliva production and if there is potential for any long-term health risks, please consult with Sunshine Dental Group or a general practitioner to determine the best option for you.

There are some daily habits that you can indulge in to encourage saliva production while also minimising your risk of tooth decay:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeinated beverages
  • Do not smoke cigarettes, cigars, etc.

You can try sipping water, sucking on hard sugarless candy, or chewing sugarless chewing gum. Also, breathing through your nose and not your mouth may also help.

Naturally, everybody reacts to surgery and pain relief differently, which is why we can only have a general conversation about dry mouth and the effects of anaesthesia. Ultimately, managing dry mouth properly can minimise tooth decay risk. If you would like to learn more about the dental services we offer at Sunshine Dental Group, please call today to schedule a check-up appointment.

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