Looking For Dentists in Maidstone That Put Your Needs First?

Sunshine Dental Group has been the local dentist of choice since 1977, and provides quality treatment to residents of the western suburbs with an emphasis on customer care. Ever since being established, our team has strived to make visiting the dentist a smooth, easy and affordable process that leaves you feeling fresh and healthy each and every time you have an appointment. Located next door to Maidstone, our dental clinic welcomes everyone — whether you are young, old, male, female, on your own or living with a family in, our we are the only dentists you need.

Don’t be afraid to show your teeth with our cosmetic treatments

While oral health is a major concern of our dentists, we also offer treatments that address aesthetical issues. Whether you are sick of discoloured teeth or have a chip that is making you self-conscious, book an appointment with our cosmetic dentist near Maidstone and live life without the issue at the back of your mind.

Book an emergency appointment at our dental clinic for urgent care

Dental emergencies can be in the form of anything from an ongoing toothache to an exposed retainer wire to an object wedged between teeth. When suffering from any pain or discomfort that doesn’t go away, getting it treated by a dentist not only provides you with pain relief but also helps identify any risk of tooth decay, oral cancer and a number of other conditions.

Book a consultation

To make an appointment at our dental clinic, view and book available times online or call (03) 9311 1056 to speak with our customer service team. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Our dentists provide treatment for all individuals and families

Proper dental care should be accessible to everyone in the community, which is why we welcome all residents of Maidstone and beyond to our clinic. We offer payment plans to help keep procedures affordable, and can bulk bill DVA Gold Card holders and children eligible under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Call Medicare on 132 011 to find out if your child qualifies under the scheme.

Emergency Care For Dental Emergency, Please Call Us on (03) 9311 1056

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