Teeth whitening has become mainstream in most societies mainly because various companies offer at-home kits and professional whitening systems to be carried out by dentists. It is crucial to understand both these products to ensure you make the right decision and make the most out of it. 

In-chair or take-home kit – Choosing the right one

 Using a home tooth whitening kit is like exercising at home. Just as exercising at home requires a lot of dedication and discipline compared to joining a gym in your neighbourhood, you must have the will and motivation to carry out teeth whitening procedures at home.  

Most home whitening kits come with a gel and tray to be used for a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks to get visible results. However, missing the application even for a couple of days can create a lag and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.  

In-Chair Dentist Teeth Whitening


Melbourne involves the application of gel on your teeth by a professional. To cure the gel, your dentist will use an LED light with a blue spectrum. This treatment requires you to sit on the chair for about sixty to eighty minutes to get the best result possible. In-chair whitening is fast and effective in comparison to home teeth whitening kits. 

Teeth Straightening

In chair whitening vs. Take Home Whitening

When looking for a teeth whitening solution that is easy to use and not very time-consuming, in-chair whitening by a professional dentist is your ideal choice. Professional whitening treatments like Zoom in chair whitening offer immediate results without requiring a daily application. Such treatments involve higher peroxide percentage bleach, which provides a whiter and brighter smile in a few minutes. On the other hand, home whitening systems require you to carry the treatment at least two times a day for up to 2 to 3 weeks in continuity. Though these systems are affordable, they aren’t as quick as the in-chair treatments and involve daily commitment for application. A significant reason why home-kits require more time to show results is that they have lower levels of hydrogen peroxide. 

When comparing both these methods for safety, it is evident that the one carried out by a professional will be safer than the one carried by yourself at home. This is because a professional will have protective equipment like safety glasses, bleach neutralising gels, lip protection, and more to ensure the safe application of the solution to your teeth. Moreover, if you experience sensitivity during your in-chair treatment, your dentist will be well-prepared to help ease the discomfort.  

Another thing to consider when determining the best whitening choice for yourself is the cost involved. While this may or may not be of concern to you, it is worth knowing that the whitening treatment costs for these methods vary pretty significantly. For example, in-chair whitening treatments are more expensive because professionals carry them out with extreme care and protection. On the other hand, take-home kits are modestly priced because they require extra time and repeated applications to show results. The cost difference between the two is also because of the difference in the levels of peroxide percentage involved in both treatments. 

The treatment’s effectiveness will also vary depending on the teeth’ staining. For example, difficult-to-remove stains can be best treated with in-chair teeth whitening system, as at-home kits are less equipped to remove the deep stains of coffee or tobacco. 

Seeing A Dentist Before You Choose A Whitening Treatment For Yourself

Now that you have learnt in detail about both treatments try to schedule a check-up session with a dentist. A professional will examine your mouth thoroughly and may recommend dental treatments to be done before the whitening treatment to ensure expected results. Remember, carrying out whitening treatments on clean teeth is essential. Your teeth must be free of calculus and plaque to avoid diffusion of the whitening agent. 

The final verdict:

In chair whitening carried out by a dentist is known to provide a brighter, whiter smile quickly. The results of such treatments also last long. Therefore, if you are short of time or want quick results, the in-chair whitening system is the best for you. However, if you have the time and commitment to carry out take-home whitening treatment, you may go for it, but you cannot expect quick and long-lasting results.  

With whitening treatments, you always get what you pay for. If you invest in a professional treatment, you can expect your dentist to explain the procedure and predicted outcome in detail. The results will also be as good as you expected. However, if you invest in at-home kits, you may expect good results but not as great as the professional treatment.   

If you want more details on our professional in-chair whitening system, please call (03) 9133 8657 or drop an email at [email protected]. We will reply to all your queries and help you make the right decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, in-chair or take-home whitening treatment?

At-home whitening systems are more affordable than in-chair whitening treatments. However, the results achieved from in-chair whitening treatments are much better because these systems contain high levels of peroxide, a bleaching agent known to provide effective results. Moreover, in-chair treatments are carried out by professionals so that you can be sure of their results. Which option is best for you will depend on your requirement. If you want an affordable treatment and are ready to commit to a DIY teeth whitening routine, you may use take-home whitening kits. However, if you want good results in less time and don’t mind paying extra for the same, an in-chair treatment will be the best for you. Some treatments combine in-chair teeth and at-home whitening to offer a longer-lasting result. If you wish to opt for these treatments, you may speak to your dentist. Your dentist will provide an in-chair teeth whitening treatment and give you a take-home whitening system that you may have to use regularly to extend the results of your whitening treatment.  

Which is a safer teeth whitening method?

In-chair teeth whitening method is much safer than at-home whitening systems. Though at-home whitening kits have significantly less amount of bleaching agents, they still may cause sensitivity or irritation to the gums or lips if not applied properly. On the other hand, an in-chair treatment is carried out by a specialist who is well equipped with all safety gear like safety glasses, bleach neutralising gels, lip protection, etc., so any mishaps are rare. Though in-chair teeth whitening systems have more bleaching agents, they are applied carefully by a professional, so you know you are in safe hands. At times, in-chair teeth whitening treatment may lead to excessive sensitivity. In such cases, your dentist will offer instant relief remedies to ease discomfort immediately. Also, your dental specialist will examine your mouth before treating it to ensure it is in a suitable condition. They will share this information with you if your teeth require additional treatments before you get teeth whitening done. Remember, most dental practices follow rigorous rules for hygiene, sterilisation, and cleanliness; hence, any treatment carried out by a professional is safe and effective. 

Does at-home teeth whitening work?

At-home teeth whitening kits can remove surface stains to some extent. At-home whitening kits can remove mild stains from tea, coffee, and red wine. However, if the stains are too dark or deep, complete removal may not be possible with these kits as they contain a very low percentage of bleaching agents. If your stains are old or too dark, you will   have to go for an in-chair whitening treatment that will be carried out by a professional. A dental specialist will be able to examine your mouth and suggest the proper treatment to improve the condition of your teeth. At times, your teeth may require additional treatments than just teeth whitening. Hence, your dentist may first recommend you to undergo the desired treatment and then carry out the whitening treatment. If you are someone who cannot make a visit to your dentist and want an at-home solution, you may pick an at-home teeth whitening kit. But remember, these will only work to improve mild staining or discolouration cases. You will have to visit your dentist and seek professional help for intense cleaning and whitening. 


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