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Are your teeth infected? Consult with Sunshine Dental Group for cosmetic dental surgery in Melbourne. We also offer general and kids dental care. Call (03) 9311 1056 today.

Oral hygiene is important, even if you are not too concerned about the look of your pearly whites. If you let your teeth enamel wear and do not regularly brush and floss, you put yourself at a high risk of infection and other problems. At Sunshine Dental Group, we aim to encourage all our patients to be proactive with their teeth-cleaning rituals and ask that people of all ages visit our clinic for regular check-ups. Ideally, you can avoid the need for cosmetic dental surgery by following our guidelines for managing good oral health. However, there are circumstances where additional steps need to be taken, especially when you have infected teeth.

If you happen to realise that you do have infected teeth, we strongly urge you to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. Did you know that infected teeth can affect your entire body? If the nerve or blood vessels of a tooth disintegrate, and if bacteria has colonised the root canal system, it can allow abscess formation—where bacteria sends toxins directly to the jaw bone, resulting in tooth loss and the potential for dental implants.

While we strive to maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible, there are situations where a tooth may be beyond saving and it may be more practical to consider extraction. In this scenario, a tooth may be so badly infected that the risk of toxins contaminating your bloodstream and putting your general health into jeopardy is so severe that our dentists may opt for a tooth extraction, and then follow up with dental implants to fill the gap in your mouth. Missing teeth can affect the shape of your mouth and can also expose other teeth to other issues. To learn more about cosmetic dental surgery in Melbourne, and our complete range of treatment options, get in touch with us today.

To mitigate the nasty effects of infection inside your tooth would generally call for cosmetic dental surgery in Melbourne. Preventative care, where possible, is necessary to mitigate tooth decay and to eliminate the chances of bacteria spreading through your bloodstream. Often, if your teeth are badly infected, the white blood cells that would normally stave off critical issues would be ineffective, which is why we highly recommend that you take your oral health seriously.

Tips to Avoid Cosmetic Dental Surgery in Melbourne

Sometimes you need to do a little more than brush and floss to maintain excellent dental hygiene. Over time you may neglect pits or areas of your mouth that are difficult to reach. This could be due to your brushing technique or sensitivities prevent you from cleaning your teeth properly. Do not let these minor issues prevent you from maintaining a high standard of cleanliness for your mouth, teeth, and gums because cosmetic dental surgery in Melbourne can be costly.

If you have indulged in sweets and acidic beverages, it is especially important to brush regularly. There are times when an excessive build-up of bacteria and muck is so great that you will require the finesse of one our dental hygienists to rectify.

At Sunshine Dental Group, we provide a scale and clean service that:

  • Removes plaque and tartar
  • Prevents bacteria from sticking to teeth
  • Fights against gum disease
  • Improves home care (easier to keep teeth clean)
  • Encourages satisfactory oral hygiene habits

Learn More About Cosmetic Dental Surgery in Melbourne

At Sunshine Dental Group, we are proactive when it comes to oral health care. Cosmetic dental surgery in Melbourne might be an option for you. For a thorough assessment, and for a complete range of dental treatments to consider, get in touch with us today by calling (03) 9311 1056.


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